ARCHLine.XP Live allows real-time rendering. Create and make changes to your project in no time at all. With this feature, you will not only significantly reduce your working time, but also make it easier for your customers to make decisions. ARCHLine.XP allows you to present all project modifications in real time. The whole is created in a 3D environment, thanks to which you have a unique opportunity to take a virtual walk inside your project.

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ARCHLine.XP LIVE is an easy-to-use, affordable and professional animation software that not only lets you create high-quality visualizations and movies, but also walks in virtual reality.

Rendering in real time, allows you to immediately make changes suggested by your customers, regardless of the size and complexity of the project. Less time spent rendering means more time for design.

ARCHLine.XP Live allows you to showcase natural light, vegetation, water and other environmental features. These treatments will give your visualization a unique character.